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Insurance Options Available

Community Regional Credit Union offers several insurance options to help protect you and your family when they need it the most.

Member Choice Credit Disability and Life Insurances………..credit disability and credit life insurance works to protect you and your family, when you have a credit union loan.   If you are totally disabled due to an injury or medical related illness, the disability coverage will make your loan payment until you have fully recovered.  In the event of an unexpected death, the life insurance coverage will pay off your entire loan balance.  Savings, salary or payoffs from other life insurance also may be protected giving your family peace of mind when they need it the most.  Monthly premiums are low and are included in with your monthly loan payment.

New & Used Vehicle GAP Insurance…… Member’s Choice Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP).  If your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, your insurance company may only pay what you’re new or used vehicle is worth, not your total loan balance.  That makes you responsible for the difference.  This is an insurance policy that helps cover the difference between your vehicle’s value and your loan balance.  It’s affordable too.  In fact, you have the option to include the cost of the coverage in your monthly loan payment.

American Income Life Insurance (AIL) is an accidental death and dismemberment policy.  Is available to all members 18 years an older free of charge.  It will cover you in the event of an accident up to $3,000.   Higher coverage is available from American Income Life Company.  For more information you can call American Income Life Insurance Company at 1-800-495-1213.