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Our MasterCard Debit Card works two ways at any ATM or with any retailer who accepts MasterCard.

When using it as a MasterCard Debit Card it works just like a check, Except you don’t have to write a check.  Just present the card for your purchases and it immediately deducts from your share draft checking account here at the credit union.  It will eliminate the hassle of check acceptance problem at the register.

Money PassWhen using your card at the ATM you can verify your account balances, transfer fund between account and withdraw cash from any ATM in the world.  Look for the CU$ network symbol or MoneyPass network on the ATM and you will not be charged a surcharge fee.

To apply for a MasterCard Debit Card, click here for the ATM/Debit card application.  Complete it and mail or drop it off to either office.

Don’t forget to download our My Mobile Money app to make changes to your card, turn it on or off, and monitor any activity on your card in real time.