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Membership in the credit union is a family affair. If you are a member, eligibility is extended to any relative by blood, marriage, or adoption. Our policy is, “Once a member always a member,” even if you are no longer employed in our field of membership.

Field of Membership

The membership of Community Regional Credit Union will consist of members, their family members and spouses, and the family members and spouses of persons who have died while in the field of membership of Incol Credit Union and NMH Federal Credit Union as listed in section 5 of the Charter.  The field of membership shall be limited to those having a common bond.

VERIFICATION OF MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBILITY. The Credit Union will verify the eligibility of prospective members seeking membership with the Credit Union.

Occupation-Based (Select Employee Group) Eligibility. Employees, retirees (the SEG(s)) volunteers, and their immediate family members and spouses of persons, who died while in the field of membership, as well as organizations of such persons, are eligible for membership with the Credit Union. The Credit Union will review each potential member to determine whether the prospective member meets the occupation-based membership eligibility.

Community Regional Credit Union membership eligibility is extended to any relative by blood, marriage or adoption.

ONCE A MEMBER, ALWAYS A MEMBER. Once a person becomes a member of the Credit Union, such a person may remain a member of the Credit Union until the person chooses to withdraw or is expelled from the membership of the Credit Union. 

Membership is also open to employees of:

  • Piccini Survey
  • Valley Auto Parts
  • Topps
  • Wilkes Barre Newspapers
  • All companies in the Commonwealth Health Network
  • Kingston Borough
  • All members of N.M.H.F.C.U.
  • Trans Med Ambulance Company
  • That Special Women
  • Highland Manor

Should another group desire to join, we will consider a written request to include them in our membership.